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Sandy River Boatworks offers a selection of custom & boat-specific accessories to the paddling/sailing enthusiast. Some are boat upgrades & are intended to be installed while building a kit; some are just nice bits of gear to make your trip more fun.


In every case, SRBw accessories are designed or selected to complement the traditional design of your wooden boat.



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Rowing Oars

A rowboat obviously needs a set of oars to make it go, unless you just have to strap on a motor. To row your traditional wooden rowboat (& the Pebble Bay sailboat) a set of finely built wooden oars is ideal.


These are strong, just the right heft & look great. Durable too. Lengths available are 5, 5-1/2, 6, 6-1/2. Very nice.


Standard Wide Bladed Oar:

$95 per pair

Narrow Bladed Oar:

$105 per pair

GeminiLarge Grip

r o w ● p a d d l e ● s a i l

Adjustable Canoe Seat Back

For some of us, it makes sense to have some lower back support on those long paddles upstream. The flyfisherman also might like to take the load off his or her back occasionally by having a padded back fitted to the canoes stock seat. And if its adjustable things are even better.


The Sandy River Boatworks Adjustable Seat Back is the answer. Designed to match the detailing on your Necanicum trekking canoe, the Seat Back is made of sturdy stuff, is laced up just like the seat on your Necanicum & has a padded inset to help tease out stiff backs.


A simple adjustment mechanism is first attached under the canoes seat with four stainless fasteners. The Seat Back then simply snaps into place. An adjustment knob located just below the front edge of the seat will change the incline of the Seat Back from vertical to -6 degrees.


SRBW Seat Back:






Canoe & Kayak Paddles

To drive your traditional wooden canoe or kayak, there is no substitute for a finely crafted wooden paddle. And these are truly fine. They are strong, light & balanced almost perfectly for the long haul. Blade edges are reinforced with Dynel to give them long life. Very nice.


Standard Canoe Paddle:


Ergonomic Canoe Paddle:



Standard Kayak Paddle:



Ergonomic Kayak Paddle: