P o w e r T o o l s

Sandy River Boatworks offers a selection of what we consider essential hand & power tools that we use in our own shop. These have all been used in the course of construction of our boats & so have our unofficial stamp of approval. We gladly offer these up at minimal cost as a courtesy to our client builders. All our tools are guaranteed to perform properly for one year, no hassle, no question.



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18v Battery Powered Drill/Driver:

~ $39.99 ~

One of the most useful tools in any shop is the battery powered drill/driver. This one has plenty of juice & run time even under constant use. Comes with charger & storage case.

Corded Drill/Driver:

~ $33.99 ~

My shop has several of these on hand. I don't use them as much as the battery powered version, but the ones you plug into the wall will never run out of juice, & sometimes thats a critical factor. This ones a dandy.

Driver & Drill Bit Set (59 pieces):

~ $6.99 ~

This is an essential item for any shop, & like most things, there are good ones & bad ones. This is a good one. And inexpensive.

Good R/O Sander (5 Asian):

~ $47.99 ~

For sanding your hull between coats of epoxy you need to have a random orbital sander. Connect up the dust extractor to your shop vacuum to keep airborne dust to a minimum. This one is a very good Asian machine & uses standard 5 hook & loop sanding discs (see Supplies).

Best R/O Sander (5 German):

~ $109.99 ~

Same as above but a more robust machine. These will perform nicely for a very long time.

O p t i o n a l P o w e r T o o l s

To outfit your shop for serious woodworking & boatbuilding you will need some serious power equipment. Call us for help sourcing these.

Shop Vacuum:

For general cleanup; look for a machine that can be attached to a sander to extract dust during use. A tool-activated motor on the vacuum is a plus.

Table Saw + Fine Tooth Blade:

There are more manufacturers of table saws than any other machine it would seem. Look for one with a substantial base & that uses a 10 blade. A dust extraction port is a must. Like lots of other things, you do get what you pay for.

Band Saw + Wood Cutting Blade:

For cutting along curved lines & for resawing rough stock, there isn't much to compare with a good band saw. 14 throat is a minimum. Again, a dust extraction port is a must.

Saber Saw (also called jigsaw or scroll saw) + Wood Cutting Blades:

Cutting shaped panels out of plywood is a tough job unless you use a saber saw. A good one will pay dividends.

Drill Press + drill bit index:

A drill press can be used for so much more than drilling holes. Tapping, reaming, flycutting large circles, polishing, the list goes on. A full index case of fractional size drills is a good companion.

Corded HP Drill Motor:

For the heavy jobs, a big drill motor you can plug into a wall socket is required. There are a lot of drill motor types out there, but the standard two-speed reversible with a keyed chuck is pretty hard to beat.

Belt Sander + Sanding Belts:

Youll wonder how you ever got along without it. These are brutes & take off material like crazy. Just be careful not to take off too much.

Router + Carbide Cutters:

A hand held router with carbide bits is the right tool for edging, plunge cutting shapes, & much more. This is a high speed tool that can get out of hand in a hurry so extreme care is needed.

Heat Gun:

A heat gun finds more uses around the shop than one would think. Drying, shrinking, bending, the list goes on. This should be a serious heating tool, not a hair dryer.

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