H a n d     T o o l s

Sandy River Boatworks offers a selection of what we consider essential hand & power tools that we use in our own shop.  These have all been used in the course of construction of our boats & so have our unofficial stamp of approval.  We gladly offer these up at minimal cost as a courtesy to our client builders.  All our tools are guaranteed to perform properly for one year, no hassle, no question.



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10” Japanese Pull Saw:

~ $13.99 ~

This is a true Japanese fine bladed saw, easy to use, & razor sharp & is one of the most well-used tools in the small boat builder’s tool box.  Comes with a blade protector.

Buck Block Plane:

~ $13.99 ~

Another ‘must-have’ tool, the Buck is a simple planing tool, easy to use & will last a lifetime if treated well.  The plane iron (cutting blade) is supplied ground, but not honed, so you will need to put a fine edge on it before you begin using it.  There is no better way to bevel your planks (the SRBw beveling jig included in our kits makes beveling the easy job it should be).

Plane Blade Honing Kit:

~ $21.99 ~

To keep your plane iron (cutting blade) sharp, you need a steady rest to hold the iron & a honing stone to do the sharpening.  This little kit has both, as well as a small bottle of cutting oil for the work (you can use either oil or water on the stone).

12” Trigger Action Bar Clamp:

~ $5.99 ~

Boatbuilding involves clamps, lots of clamps.  By far the easiest to use is the Trigger Action Clamp, a pistol grip bar clamp that can be placed with one hand & drawn up tightly by squeezing the trigger.  These are simple & inexpensive & are the most well-used clamps we have in the shop.  Come with jaw protectors to cushion your work.

6” Quick Release Bar Clamp:

~ $7.99 ~

Did we say boatbuilding involves clamps?  These are strong & can be made up super snugly on your work.  Use them where finesse needs to give way to solid holding power.  Come with jaw protectors to cushion your work.

12” Quick Release Bar Clamp:

~ $9.99 ~

Of course boatbuilding involves clamps, we’ve already said that.  These are just like the 6” clamps above, just longer.  These also come with jaw protectors to cushion your work.

3” Medium Spring Clamp:

~ $5.99 ~

And more clamps.  These little guys are a good bet for edge clamping your small dimension planking on a canoe or kayak & for general help where another pair of hands is needed.  Also great for holding battens in place for fairing.

3” ‘C’ Screw Clamp:

~ $5.99 ~

Yet more clamps.  Sometimes the job just needs the horsepower of a true ‘C’ frame screw clamp.  These are no-frills ‘get-it-tight’ workhorses, small but powerful.  These are a little fussy to use, but when you need one, you need one.

Sanding Block:

~ $3.99 ~

A simple but effective hand sanding block.  A bit of flex gives it just the right feel.  Holds paper tightly, easy to change out.

2-5/8” x 30” PSA Fairing Board:

~ $49.99 ~

Auto body shops use a shorter version of these flexible sanding boards to repair the complex curves of a car’s metal shell.  This board is just right for the sweeping compound curves of your boat’s hull.  Just enough flex, just the right shape to fit the hands.  A boatshop favorite.

6” Adjustable Wrench:

~ $5.99 ~

A very simple tool, yet it seems to be capable of doing an amazing number of tasks in the shop.  Can be quickly adjusted to fit bolt sizes from 1/8” to 1”.

Screwdriver (multi-tip):

~ $6.99 ~

Another very simple tool.  This one has more tips & socket configurations than any we’ve seen yet.  Indispensible.

Staple Gun:

~ $17.99 ~

For those who want to use staples to install strip planking, this is the tool for you.  Durable, easy to fire, easy to load.

Light Ball Pien Hammer:

~ $5.99 ~

A basic ball pien hammer for those jobs requiring a tap or two.  Wood handle, polished head.

Nail Sets (3 piece set):

~ $5.99 ~

For making small punch marks in wood as well as setting nail heads.  Small, medium, large.  Rubber grips.

Hand Chisels (3 piece set):

~ $9.99 ~

Indispensible.  These are amazing quality for the price & take a nice edge with a hone.

Good Hull Scraper (HS Steel):

~ $39.99 ~

If you strip plank, you’ll need scrapers with straight, pear-shaped & triangular blades.  This one has all three as interchangeable pieces mounted to a handle.  The blades are high speed steel.  They are durable & take a nice edge.  Very nice tool.

Best Hull Scraper (Carbide):

~ $69.99 ~

Same as above but with carbide blades.  Carbide costs more but holds an edge like no other material.  Very, very nice tool.

Medium Framing Square (8x12):

~ $7.99 ~

When you want to make a line that’s at a perfect right angle to an edge, you use one of these.  There is no logical substitute & these are straight & true.

Small Framing Square (4x8):

~ $5.99 ~

Same as above, just smaller for those tight spaces.


~ $9.99 ~

This is a tool for making right angle lines, like the framing square, but has a sliding head that can make right angle & 45 degree angle lines.  Very handy.

Torpedo Level:

~ $4.99 ~

This is known as a ‘spirit level’ because it uses fluid in a transparent tube to indicate a level plane.  Use to establish true level positioning for assemblies.  About 9” long & has sight tubes for vertical, horizontal & 45 degree inclines.